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Our resource library is a place that has information and links to the many premier manufacturers that we represent. It is separated by the manufacturers that we represent in a book case and there are also category links that will show you which manufacturers are represented in each category. If you see a manufacturer that you are interested in, please click the link to visit their site to get more detailed information on the products that you are interested in for your job.




With a 50 year history, Formglas creates custom fabricated solutions for precision-engineered gypsum products, high quality molded stone finishes, luxurious cold cast metallic shapes, and durable concrete and fiberglass components and profiles. Formglas products are engineered to dramatically reduce installation cost, minimize excessive substrate, provide enhanced aesthetic appearance and ensure years of durability and beauty.


The Best Polyurethane Foam. Period.

SWD’s lower density provides more board footage out of the same amount of liquid material. This increases the equipment’s capabilities to output more board feet per minute. In addition, Yield Monster’s Long-Range Application feature reduces the need to set up ladders and scaffolding, further reducing time to completion. These features allow properly trained applicators to finish a job 20-30% faster.


For 80 years, Hunter Douglas Contract has worked with the architecture and design community to set new standards in product design and performance. Continuing this tradition of excellence, our ceilings and wall bring unprecedented acoustical performance, aesthetics and accessibility to the industry. Please Contact Creative West with your requirements, and see what we can do for you!


MBI Products Company has established a reputation as being the leader in the Acoustical Products Industry by pioneering many of the products used today. Our successful business existence is attributed to our eagerness to work closely with customers to help solve their noise problems and assure them a quality product that meets their needs. This idea reflects our business ideals of creative acoustical products, on-time delivery, and loyalty to our customers.

Our 45 years of experience helps us to provide practical, decorative solutions to noise control for all types of buildings.


BASWAphon Seamless Sound Absorbing Plaster System reduces reverberation times. Hear how BASWAphon can tranform the acoustics of a space here.

How does BASWAphon work? BASWAphon “filters out” echoes and reflected sound, making conversation clearer even in harsh situations.

The BASWAphon Seamless Sound Absorbing Plaster System is used to reduce reverberation time making voice, music and other sound much more intelligible. Its design is based on a fine porous surface that appears to be solid, applied onto a mineral wool panel.

High frequency sound energy passes through the pores, into the mineral wool, and is converted into heat energy. Low frequency sound energy vibrates the porous surface diaphragmatically, transforming the sound energy into heat energy.


Adams Campbell Co, established in 1909, is fast approaching a century of metal fabrication. Their 110,000 square foot facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to manufacture the standard to the most complex, metal ceiling or wall system. The staff of Creative West, Inc. is committed to meeting your requirements of quality and on-time delivery. We have the experience and innovation to provide solutions for all your architectural and design needs.

Accent’s CNC controlled metal fabrication operation features lasers, brake presses, turrets, and perforating equipment that are interlinked with our CAD/CAM system. This technology, along with our capabilities, ensures precision forming and shaping of small quantities to large production runs of your metal ceilings and walls.

Accent’s manufacturing facility: ISO 9001: 2000 Certified .



QTS provides professional, experienced, intelligent, and cost-effective sound solutions. Whether sound control requires noise absorbers, sound barriers, excellent acoustical performance, or the coordination of all three, rely on QTS to manufacture the perfect solution.


Decoustics is the international leader in custom design, engineering and manufacturing of high performance acoustical ceiling panels, wall panels and systems.

With a strong commitment to quality, innovation and service, Decoustics has garnered consistent renown and satisfaction in the architectural, construction and interiors industries. Like architecture itself, Decoustics is the product of science and art working together. Engineering harnessed to meet the demands of creativity. Ceiling solutions designed to transcend the predictable, ignore the ordinary, and assume the shape of imagination.


Pliteq® is an engineering company, global innovator and international supplier of recycled rubber products. We are a group of experienced engineers focused on developing high-performance products in multiple industries including construction, playgrounds, fitness and athletics. Harnessing the natural sound and vibration dampening properties of rubber, our patented solutions provide effective and efficient reduction in sound transmission through walls and floor/ceiling assemblies. Innovative by design, simple to install, GenieClip® and GenieMat® are the trusted brands of architects, builders and acoustical consultants worldwide. Contact Creative West, Inc. and let us help you specify Pliteq in your next sound abatement project.


Autex™ are innovative manufacturers of polyester products. We are proud to have developed a diverse range of acoustic products suitable for a large variety of applications. We are committed to best practices and are proud to be accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 Quality and Environmental Management Systems. Our innovative products bring environmentally-friendly alternatives to the market and we’re constantly looking for opportunities to develop new eco-friendly products with premium performance.


ABOVE VIEW has developed a catalog of over 70 unique ornamental plaster ceiling tile designs ranging from traditional, geometric, and contemporary to the avant-garde. Tiles can be painted and customized to complement any design concept.

Our tile are MADE IN THE USA. You can find ABOVE VIEW ceiling tiles in hotels, casinos, restaurants, governmental buildings and fine residences around the world. Our Milwaukee manufacturing facility is scalable to produce any size ceiling tile order with a 100% on time shipping history.

ABOVE VIEW is moving into the 21st century adopting state of the art 3D scanning, computer modelling and 3D printing techniques to create custom molds for our customer’s unique design concepts and requirements. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Ceiling tiles by ABOVE VIEW let you move beyond the standard, boring mulch paper acoustical tiles to create interior environments as elegant and special as your business. Let Creative West Inc. help you specify your next ABOVE VIEW job.


Snap-Tex is the industry-leading acoustical stretched fabric mounting system for walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces. Engineered for superior function and design flexibility, Snap-Tex brings acoustic control to interior architecture without sacrificing aesthetics. In fact, the Snap-Tex system is often specified as a design medium first, with the added benefit of acoustic control. A wide range of Snap-Tex profiles are available to address almost any design need.

The essence of the Snap-Tex system is it’s patented locking Snap-Tex jaw which sets the industry standard for strength and reliability. An integrated hinge allows Snap-Tex tracks to be opened wide, allowing increased access to the inside of the track for fastening to substrates. This hinge also lends itself to subsequent repairs or fabric replacement.


Tectum has been keeping a lid on noise for Over 60 Years

Whether you require wall panels, ceiling panels, or an acoustical roof deck, Tectum Inc. has the right product for your noise problem. Our reputation for acoustical solutions in the commercial and institutional construction industries is well respected. With over 60 years experience in reducing noise worldwide, Tectum Inc. specializes in acoustic panels that are both abuse and impact resistant.

Easy to work with and install, Tectum panels and systems are cost effective and require little maintenance. They are available in natural, white or custom-painted finishes, and are field-paintable up to six times.

Tectum products are cementitious wood fiber acoustical panels composed of aspen wood fibers. All of our products carry a Class A/1 interior finish rating for flame and smoke. In addition, all Tectum products are “green” because they are manufactured using only renewable wood and other sustainable raw materials.


Protectosil® – your partner in successful building protection. Protectosil® is one of the most successful brands in the field of hydrophobization (water repellents), graffiti control, corrosion inhibition (corrosion inhibitor treatment) and surface protection (easy-to-clean). The range of Protectosil® products provides the perfect solution for almost every material.


Architectural Components Group, Inc. is the manufacturing leader in wood walls and suspended wood ceiling systems. ACGI consistently delivers a product that exceeds high standards of quality, beauty, functionality and aesthetic value.

Our manufacturing capability along with raw material storage is tremendous. This allows us to stock more material and offer programs such as our “Custom Time Critical” program. We have state of the art CNC machines and U.V. spray lines to provide the newest and best technology the industry offers. .










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