About Creative West

Creative West, Inc. is a Manufacturers Representative in the construction industry that specializes in acoustical, visual, and thermal applications of walls, decorative shapes and ceilings. The materials for these applications that Creative West specializes in are metal, glass, and wood.

Established in 1988, we have been doing what we do best for nearly 25 years. Our primary focus is to give customized and personalized service to architects and contractors in Utah, Idaho and Nevada. Our main goal is the success of our clients. We accomplish this by working to understand each individual project and then we bring our many years of experience and in-house design capabilities to the table to partner with you until each project is completed.

Our portfolio of projects includes work on small and large office buildings, custom office interiors, schools, universities, temples, hotels and public works projects just to name a few. Through our work with large firms we have successfully completed fabrication and installation on jobs in many states and countries.

Let us bring you some lunch, meet with your staff of architects and designers, and show you who we represent, what the best products are for your application, and how we can assist you on your next project, big or small.